The United States is one of the developed countries where different goods are being manufactured. It is therefore no surprise that the US boasts hundreds of boats manufacturers that produce different types of boat ranging from small deck fishing boats to high class party pontoons and express cruisers to be sold in different countries. The method of transporting these boats overseas is usually through securing boat in container.   According to research and statistics, it has been discovered that US sells the highest number of boats through various dealers within and outside of the country, through private parties, classified boat trader and also through online auctions. Many of the boats being produced by USA manufacturers are being sold to foreign countries.   Securing boat in container   Shipping these boats to other countries is one of the big challenges that people have. One of the ways these boats can be transported is through securing boat in container. The option of securing boat in container is quite a good choice for most of the boats that need to be shipped. There are different methods of securing boat in container and the perfect method for a boat is dependent on the size of the boat.   One method of securing boat in container is through shipping boats overseas in standard ocean containers. This is ideal for smaller boats. It is advisable to get a professional export packing company like USA-International Shipping to help you handle the loading and securing boat in container. A different method of shipping boats overseas is through overseas roll-on roll-off vessels. These vessels are multilevel swimming parking lots that are particularly designed for carrying different types of rolling stock and vehicles.   Another method of securing boat in container is through FLAT-RACK container. This is usually used for transporting larger yachts and boats. Usually, the boat is secured onto a flat-rack and then it's raised directly into the vessel floor using a crane. This method of shipping boats overseas enables the cargo to travel on the same container ship with other cargo. USA-International offers multiple services of securing boats in containers.