Shipping a bike overseas might not sound to be a convenient option for many but with a number of options for selecting Motor bikes available online, no bike lover can resist from importing a nice bike. If you need to import a bike from the USA to Australia then you must be aware of the import restriction applied by the country.


Ship bike to Australia


Many questions might be running in your mind regarding shipping a bike overseas. Firstly you would be thinking is it really worthy to ship a bike to Australia? Well if you already own a bike then you would be aware of this thing that prices of motorbikes overseas are much cheaper than in Australia. For those who are shifting to Australia by selling their bike in USA would be at a total loss because they will have to pay a higher cost for buying one in Australia. It would be even more than the cost of shipping a bike overseas along with the sales duty.


shipping a bike overseas


If you have finally decided to ship a bike overseas then you must know some facts about shipping too. For instance, we are talking about Australia here so you need to know this thing that there is a certain criteria specified for the shipment by the country.


Permit to ship a bike


There is a need to get a permit for importing a motorbike. You will need to have a minimum 12 months ownership of the bike in order to import a bike. If you have not kept it for 12 months then unfortunately you will be restricted to get a pre-1989 model of motorbike. Furthermore, unless you don't own an Australian residency, you will not be allowed to import a bike. Shipping a bike overseas will become a problem.


We make shipping easy for you


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