It has become the necessity of many individuals as well as families to ship vehicles overseas when they are moving to some other country. Such people must know this well that shipping a vehicle overseas can get to be a really hectic and expensive process. If you are shipping a vehicle overseas that has got a lower value then it won’t be a good idea as it will get to be a lot more expensive.   Everyone knows that shipping a vehicle overseas will involve plenty of regulations as well paperwork. There are some common shipping requirements that all countries share. Take a look at the following requirements for shipping a vehicle overseas:   shipping a vehicle overseas   1. You need to pay a tariff for the import of a vehicle and it might cost from 10 to 50 percent of the actual cost of the vehicle. There are countries that ask for fees for license and registration. That is mostly why the cost of importing cars in some countries is more than the actual value of the car.   2. There are certain countries that do not allow shipping a vehicle overseas if it has passed a certain age. This applies to those vehicles that are used for 20 or more years. For instance, China does not accept the import of a vehicle that is used for more than a year.   3. Shipping a vehicle overseas certainly involves plenty of inspections. These cars, bikes and trucks being imported need to be in proper working conditions. Often severe emission tests are applied to the vehicles.   4. For shipping a vehicle overseas, the shipper needs to own the vehicle and he must have a written permission for the transportation of the vehicle by the owner. The cars for which you are paying monthly installments may not be allowed to ship overseas by the lien holder.   5. There are many countries where vehicles are driven on the left hand side of the road. They do not support shipping a vehicle overseas that has not a steering wheel on the left side. Therefore, be careful regarding the type of vehicle you are about to import.   6. If you are shipping a vehicle overseas through an agency then it will be doing a pesticide spray on the vehicle to make it free from insects during the shipping.   If you need to get your vehicle shipped overseas then consider our company. We are not only known for shipping a vehicle overseas but also boats, equipment, trucks and excavators from USA to various countries.