Shipping heavy machinery that may include oversized cargo, bulldozers, pavers, forklifts, concrete mixers, excavators, scarpers, loaders and similar machinery is certainly a tricky task. Task for heavy machinery shipping international requires extreme care. It is important to take measurements of the equipment. Weight as well dimensions of each item should be measured. This will determine the size and type of trailer needed for heavy machinery shipping international.   heavy machinery shipping international   The flatbed trailer is mostly used for heavy machinery shipping international. They can also be shipped as cargos. There is certain equipment for which special trailers are required. You will have to get the documents of the equipment made. There will be a need of getting the items insured and clear all the custom duties. Sometimes break bulk option is used for heavy machinery shipping international too. Break bulk cargo is delivered by rail to the port over which the heavy machinery is loaded and kept as warehouse until the ship arrives. The vessel is then loaded onto the ship. Crane is used for unloading the machinery.   When you are getting insurance for the equipment it is recommended to get some extra coverage. It should cover the total cost of the machinery as well as the cost of any possible damage. As machinery is heavy most of the people hesitate when it comes to heavy machinery shipping international. But a good thing is that you need not to worry for your shipment needs because we are here to serve you for fulfilling your shipping needs.   We don't only deal with the shipping of heavy machines and equipment but we also deal with shipping cargo, trucks, cars, boats, bikes etc. from the USA to other countries. We have got business clients living in other countries that purchase machinery from USA and then hire our services for heavy machinery shipping international. We safely deliver their machines to their home country by abiding by all the rules and regulations of their state. We manage the paperwork ourselves so that our valued customers need not to worry about the task of heavy machinery shipping international.   As shipping heavy machinery overseas can get to be a lot more risky therefore we double check everything in order to make sure the machines is delivered to their destination on time and in good working condition. We take full responsibility of the heavy machinery shipping international. This means you can count on us for heavy machinery shipping international.