Shipping RV from US may seem to be complicated task but it is basically similar to transporting a large car overseas. If you give time and do proper homework on the task of shipping an RV from US then this task can turn to be very manageable. The first thing you need to be aware of is the Customs regulations for shipping an RV from US to other countries. The rules for shipping the recreational vehicles differ in each country and there are certain regulations that come because of the size of the vehicle.


shipping an RV from US


The shipping RV from US will let you access a few options regarding the selection of the carrier. You can either get the vehicle shipped through a standard container or RO RO. It is important for you to get your RV insured so that during the transit if the vehicle gets to be damaged then you could at least claim for the damages.

There are a few things that you need to take care when shipping an RV from US. They can be termed as the precautions before the transit from your end. Here there are:


  • * In order prevent the RV from damage remove all the items that might get loose.
  • * Make sure all the doors as well as the windows are closed and locked.
  • * If there is any electronic device connected to the RV, make sure you disconnect it.
  • * Check the condition of the wheels as well as tries.
  • * Check the installation of the tow bar and the hitch. Also check whether the signal lights are working in proper condition or not.
  • * The fuel level must also be checked. Also, check the vehicle for leaks.
  • * Make sure you prepare a set of keys for the carrier too.


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